Anterior Total Hip Replacement

The Anterior Approach for total hip replacement is a tissue sparing alternative to the traditional posterior approach. Because the muscles are pushed to the side, not cut, to allow exposure of the hip, there is potential for a much quicker recovery, a lower dislocation rate and potentially better mobility of the hip.

In my experience, the Anterior Total Hip replacement patients, tend to lose less blood during surgery, have less pain after surgery and stay in the hospital fewer days (often less than 24 hours). Because the procedure is done with Image Fluoroscopy there may be better control over limb length problems.

Every surgical approach carries with it certain risks and benefits. The Anterior Approach, though a tremendous improvement, is not for everyone. Patients having had previous hip surgery, with hip implants, moderate to severe osteoporosis, or deformity may not be candidates for the Anterior Hip Approach. Come see me and talk about your options for your arthritic hip.

Michael Anderson, M.D.

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