• Compared to a previous hip replacement I had by another doctor, the approach Dr. Anderson uses is far superior-less hospital time, less pain and fewer restrictions. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Dr. Anderson is an outstanding physician-very patient and understanding. He never seems rushed during our appointments. He is also a very interesting person. Ask him about his children’s book or his voyages to the Antarctica.

    By - Tom Witt
  • Dear Mike,
    I had Oxford knee partial replacement on January 14, 2015 and it has been the best decision I have ever made. It has really changed my life. Thank you for your expertise, friendship and professionalism. I am a new man thanks to you.

    By - Craig Hammer
  • Dr. Anderson, having recently completed my third joint replacement procedure with you (2 knees and a hip), I am so appreciative of your knowledge, skill and experience. I have full confidence in you and would highly recommend you to anyone anticipating this type of operation.

    By - Barbara Miller
  • Dear Dr. Anderson,
    Thank you for improving the quality of my life! You did a complete knee replacement a year ago, and a complete shoulder replacement two months ago. I can now sleep on my right shoulder with no pain. I also can do moderate hikes with my husband again! You are a wonderful, caring doctor. You and your team of professionals are the best!

    By - Karen P
  • Dear Dr. Anderson,
    Thanks for seeing me last week and giving your thorough diagnosis! It’s a joy to have a doctor nowadays who will talk to you! Keep up the good work,
    Love and prayers,

    By - Alice B
  • Dear Michael,
    How wonderful to be able to walk normal now! I’ll be dancing before long. Thank you for the beautiful photography as well.

    By - Anne J
  • Dr. Anderson,
    Thank you for calling a checkup with us after the removal of Nettie’s cast. We appreciate your concern. We’re glad she is doing much better now.

    By - Sean K
  • Dear Dr. Anderson,
    This is a “love note” to thank you for taking care of me.

    By - Jerri
  • Dear Dr. Anderson,
    Thank you for making my knee experience doable this time. Surgery is always painful but I had a much better experience this time.
    I didn’t expect to get a picture but I love the rainbow over the Temple and will enjoy the rest of my days. Thank you for being so kind.

    By - Linda P
  • Dear Dr. Anderson:
    You may find it odd that I’m writing you this note, but I wanted you to know how very much I have appreciated all your care and expert work on my knees, shoulders and hips. You’ve always gone the extra mile with your patients and let them know you care about them. Consequently, you are my most favorite Doc I have ever had. Your professionalism, your kindness, your example of what you believe is all part of the man that I totally respect.
    Thank you for making my life so much better. You are really appreciated also thanks for the beautiful picture you gave me. My husband made a lovely frame for it and it hangs in an honored spot in our living room.

    By - Barbara W
  • Dear Dr. Anderson,
    Thanks so very much once again returning me to get help. You are my special doctor. Thanks, also, for your words of encouragement they meant a lot to me.

    By - Carol T
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