Oxford partial knee replacement

The Oxford Knee is a very unique solution for knee arthritis. In situations where the joint pain is coming from just the inside of the knee, a very common occurrence, the Oxford Knee may be offered.

The knee is a complex joint consisting of 3 different compartments. They are, the patellofemoral (under the kneecap), the medial side (inside of the knee), and the lateral side (outside of the knee). Arthritis may occur in any one or all 3 of those compartments. The most frequent site is just on the medial or inside of the knee. When the arthritis occurs on just the medial side (inside) of the knee, then my recommendation is frequently the Oxford knee. Why replace portions of the knee that are not worn out or causing pain?

Notice the right knee implant (Oxford Knee) is much smaller than the left (traditional total knee).

As it turns out the Oxford replacement is a much smaller surgery, with a shorter incision/scar and a lot quicker recovery. The Oxford Knee surgery is often performed in an outpatient setting (no overnight stay in the hospital). The full knee replacement is usually done in the hospital with a stay of 2 to 3 days.

Often a successful Oxford Knee surgery results in a much higher performing knee than what most patients are used to with a regular full knee replacement. The pain relief is dramatic and range of motion usually surpasses that of a traditional artificial knee. The bad news is that not all patients are good candidates for an Oxford knee and in that situation a conventional total knee arthroplasty is recommended.

To my knowledge, the Biomet Oxford knee is the only device given a lifetime warranty in the U.S.. In effect the Oxford knee is guaranteed to never wear out.

Come talk to me about the Oxford Knee and let me share with you my experience and expertise.

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